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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Woofie!, My Friends,

Last Saturday our Mistress felt her post-surgery healing had advanced to being strong enough to take us to the park alone. The weatherman said the temperature would be in the low-80's (perfect). She was wrong! The heat was sweltering (93), and none of my Doxie friends who met us there wanted to play. In fact, we all sat under the benches where there was shade. Poor senior Buddy, he got overheated fast and after 20 minutes we were on our way home in our air-conditioned car. At home, Mistress got the mister going and  rubbed us down with cool cloths. Hmmmm, I believe it was worth getting so hot because it resulted in a lot of attention and Roo'ster's Summer Booster treats Mistress had ready. Mistress said it's time for a change....

Mstress and Master are leaving soon for a place called Tahoe (whatever), and my brothers and sister will be spending 3 days and 2 nights at the Pooch Hotel! Yip! We'll have our own air-conditioned Condo, spa treatments, and play time with many friends. Woof! Woof! We're really going to miss Mistress and Master, but I'm very excited to receive all the new attention and twirl (they will think I'm soooo cute)!

More later...Licks,

Nathan, The Dachshund

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Woofie!, My Friends...

Yip! I'm still recovering from my day-in-the-sun at Carmel. We had sooooo much fun! I usually stay very close to Mistress, but I did my rounds and even sat awhile with friends before checking back where Mistress was sitting with her cousins. Roo met up with old friends and camped there. (I think it was because of the endless treats), and Buddy and Sascha approached every person on the beach with a greeting! *Phew*, so much food around to twirl and beg for! The Herald was there talking to all the humans and taking pictures of all the cute babes (hmmmm, I wonder if I can get copies of those photos?) for their annual article. Mistress was so happy to meet up with all her many friends from all over California. There was talk of us staying the weekend next year - I hope we do!

Mistress made a lot of Pup-Treats (mini-pupcakes) with her doggie cake recipe and decorated them with mini doggie faces - they were quite a hit! We sang Happy Birthday to Buddy, and I howled in chorus and twirled (of course).
Mini Pup-Cakes!

Many people and many Dachshund-Babes to watch!

The WEINERMOBILE was there and we all got a mini-weinermobile whistle. Master Louis and I were the first ones to have our picture taken:

LQQK at how tiny we look! The Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile is HUGE!

My beloved Mistress is NEVER in our pictures because she's always behind the camera. Here's our last photo of the day of Master and my family. I thought Sascha was the cutest babe on the beach! She wore a pink and white corset, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of her! She later took it off, but Mistress caught us sharing a smooch; it's OK to kiss her, we're not related by blood!

Left to right: Roo, Sascha, Me (Nathan), and Birthday Boy, Buddy

*Yawn* - Naptime,
Nathan, The Dachshund

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Woofie and a Yip Yip!

My family and I are so excited! I wish I could make this post audio, because I'm making such sounds of joy for the upcoming BIG BEACH event! They are something like: YIP Yippidy Yippidy Yip Yip - like a scale going across the piano keys starting at a high octave and ending at middle C.  I accompany my "Yips of Joy" with twirling and much tail wagging - I am so excited!

My Happy Howl !

EVERYONE LOVES THIS EVENT in Carmel, California!....
Neither the Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, nor the annual Butterfly Migration to Pacific Grove, can compare to the once yearly congregation of Dachshunds into Carmel-By-The-Sea. I am not sure how the 130+ Dachshunds arrive (by WienerMobile?), but we know that as a breed we have a talent for such clownish antics. All tribes of the Dachshund Nation are represented at this event - including reds, blacks, black & tans, creams, dapples, piebalds and brindles. Of course, there are always a few wannabe hanger-on'ers as is always the case with such Events. Not every dog can be a Dachshund!! Fortunately, the Pesky Papparazzi are always able to get some choice photos of these jet-setting A-listers, and The Monterey Herald once again will make us famous with a wonderful article!

Our French Piebald, Sascha, compares the setting favorable to her summer visits to the South of France. A local California dude (and brother), Roo, stated, "Nothing beats a day at the beach with so many fine Dachshund babes to watch". For me, it's a bit overwhelming because it's like looking in the mirror - I'm not the only Black/Tan/Dappled in existence! I tend to stay close to Mistress. My brother, Buddy, exhausts himself by making sure he greets EVERY human on the beach. Of course he moves a bit slower then he used to, but my bet is on him (maybe after a few strategic naps in between greets). A few years ago, Roo followed a cute babe around and ended up sitting on someone elses blanket! It's a good thing he had a tag on so he could find his way back to us (minus the babe, *sigh*). It's OK, we still have our favorite babe, Sascha.

The Event is on Sunday, July 15th, and there's a bit of preparation going on. In honor of Buddy's 17th B'Day, Mistress will bake 100 PupCakes to give out, the car's oil will be changed, and a picnic basket packed. Mistress is buying a new camera for lots of pictures, and we can't wait to see our old friends!

Later...Love & Licks,

Nathan, The Dachshund

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Monday, July 9, 2012
Woofie, My Friends!

My apologies for not writing of late - it's been a very busy few days. My Master showed his love for us by having THREE DAYS off last week! He must love us TREMENDOUSLY because he has FOUR DAYS off this week! When he doesn't go to work, Mistress' plans for getting things done go out the window, and it takes a LOT of effort to keep things on track. I overheard her saying she's not his maid and doesn't like picking up after him - stuff like that - and he responded by saying he's very busy and why isn't he appreciated? I know we love it when he's home because there's lots of hammock time with him. Mistress sighs a lot...

Master Louis & I

Finally, there was Yummy Cake! It was our favorite!

Buddy's 17th birthday was a lot of fun. We went to the park and played for a bit with Master, and when we returned home Mistress had the table ready! I wish I could show you pictures of ALL of us wearing Party Hats, but here's Buddy and I wearing ours. The camera needs a new battery, or some other thing-a-ma-jig to make it work. Do you see how adorable I am? I LOVE having my picture taken (no, I'm not posing, I REALLY look that way!) Is it any wonder Mistress tells me I'm Sexy (blush)? Everyday, Everyday!

Our sister, Sascha, was removed from the cake because she will eat too much. Mistress bought a special food dish that prevents her from finshing her food first and tries to eat ours! She's such a little piggie with spots! My brothers and I love her so much - do you know she speaks French? Oh dear, it's time for my nap and I've run out of time to tell you about the upcoming Carmel By The Sea Dachshund Event - so much fun at the beach...I'll fill you in ot my next post...


Love and Licks,
Nathan, The Dachshund

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Sunday, July 1, 2012
Woofie, My Friends!

My Brother, Buddy (17 years)
*Phew*, The temperature has dropped from the high 90's to the high 70's and Mistress is baking a cake for Buddy who's turning 17! Woof! Now, that's a celebration! I'll sing Happy Birthday with my high-pitched howling that can break glass! (not really, but that's what Mistress says).

When Buddy was 11 years old, Mistress rescued him from a kill shelter where his death was imminent, and he's been happy here ever since. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I'm a little jealous of Buddy because our Master (Louis) carries him around - a lot - and speaks endless baby talk to him! What is Louis thinking? I'M the baby! I know this is true because Mistress tells me everyday. I show my disproval by twirling, and climbing on Buddy when he's put down. Buddy doesn't play, period. Somedays he has trouble walking, so I climb on him for attention as Mistress always picks me up to stop me! Did I tell you I was cunning?

We like it when Mistress bakes for us because it's a special treat. When she was perfecting her cake recipe there were always special treats, but now it's only on special occasions. The cake we love is so yummy because it has baby food chicken, and grated carrots (sometimes grated apples), and NO SUGAR! It's a good thing Mistress doesn't put sugar in her recipes because my brother, Roo, has very stinky breath already! Do you want to try her recipe too? You can find the Doggy Cake Recipe and make one too.

Mistress is making Buddy's cake in the shape of a Large Bone, and will frost it with plain yogurt and low fat cream cheese (whipped together). We've been promised we can slurp the bowl, and we're all anxious to begin! We all show our excitement in different ways - I twirl, Roo sings a little melody that comes from his throat, and Sascha's tail doesn't stop moving. Her tail doesn't wag, it goes in circles like a propeller and she barks so hard her head snaps back - it's a sight to behold! We could become a novelty act...think about it.... I twirl, Roo sings, and Sascha barks in rhythm to her twirling tail - all to the tune of, "We ain't nothin' but Hound Dogs"...wop wop wop...(my apolagies to Elvis).
*Pout* - the cake won't be ready until later, so I think I'll go and cause trouble by climbing on Buddy...

Love and Slurps,
Nathan, The Dachshund

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