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Monday, August 8, 2011
WOOFIE, My Friends!

At BBQ dinner on the patio last night (when my siblings and I were planted beneath the humans to catch scraps), I overheard Mistress Elizabeth and Louis talking about getting The Online Store ready for the upcoming Holidays - you know, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! What? Oh? Ah? Really? We're still BBQ'ing and picking corn on the cob at the local farm! I wondered if they needed something new to talk about! Well, it seems that Mistress Elizabeth had gone to our neighborhood drug store and it was full of decorations for the Fall Season and Halloween costumes, and that got her thinking!
Last year, during the Fall Season, Pet Pawties In A Box, was new, and now a year later, it's time to fall in line with the other retail businesses! Mistress Elizabeth was talking about making seasonal Nathan's Wiener Circles and FabuCollars, and as The Design Director...tum de dum dum...I'm going to be busy in the next few weeks.
We would love to hear from you of what you would like! Please write us - it would be PawFect!

Love & Licks (slurp!)
Nathan, The Dachshund
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Catya - Well, and Anxious to Get Started!

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