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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Howling in De-Light, my Friends!

Last night Mistress finished the details involved with adding new products to an online store, and with me on her lap (while wiggling and licking her face), she launched  our new and improved Pet Pawties In A Box store! Cross your paws and wiggle your tail in hopes the search engines find us! Of course, you (our fans) can find us now!

What's New?



Just a few teasers for your (our) excitement! Of course we've been neglected while all this has been going on. My brothers, Roo and Buddy (and me, of course), and my sister, Sascha, have had to eat STORE BOUGHT biscuits, and we haven't had freshly cooked rice in our breakfast bowls in oh so long! Our Master who had been spoiled with Chicken and Wild Mushroom, Stuffed Filet of Beef, and so on, was reduced to scrambled eggs and toast. Good thing he's not a picky eater like I am. He'd be happy to shovel down anything put in front of him (while retaining his youthful figure). Me? I'm a bit thinner, and our prior thick sister, Sascha, got comments from friends at the park, "Sascha's lost so much weight!". When Mistress gets involved with something - she really gets involved! Hours were spent researching other e-commerce stores, setting up wholesale accounts, planning and outlining ideas, purchasing, etc, in hopes others will enjoy her ideas too! Hours she didn't spend babying us (me especially).

What's Next?

My favorite part...BAKING! I've always retained my youthful figure even though I've always been the guinea pig for Mistresses baking experiments; but, I worry for Roo and Sascha who gain weight easily. Mistress did baking in all the new pans prior to putting them in the store, but the cakes and pup-cakes were eaten up before pictures could be taken....not this time. She's promised to bake us a batch of biscuits, and then execute some ideas she's had!

I'll return tomorrow to tell you about our Buddy's senior moments (he talks to trees)! Mistress says he can do anything he wants since he'll soon be 18! Yes, EIGHTEEN!

Love & Licks,
Nathan, The Dachshund

by: Pet Pawties In A Box


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