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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Woofie and a Yip Yip!

My family and I are so excited! I wish I could make this post audio, because I'm making such sounds of joy for the upcoming BIG BEACH event! They are something like: YIP Yippidy Yippidy Yip Yip - like a scale going across the piano keys starting at a high octave and ending at middle C.  I accompany my "Yips of Joy" with twirling and much tail wagging - I am so excited!

My Happy Howl !

EVERYONE LOVES THIS EVENT in Carmel, California!....
Neither the Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, nor the annual Butterfly Migration to Pacific Grove, can compare to the once yearly congregation of Dachshunds into Carmel-By-The-Sea. I am not sure how the 130+ Dachshunds arrive (by WienerMobile?), but we know that as a breed we have a talent for such clownish antics. All tribes of the Dachshund Nation are represented at this event - including reds, blacks, black & tans, creams, dapples, piebalds and brindles. Of course, there are always a few wannabe hanger-on'ers as is always the case with such Events. Not every dog can be a Dachshund!! Fortunately, the Pesky Papparazzi are always able to get some choice photos of these jet-setting A-listers, and The Monterey Herald once again will make us famous with a wonderful article!

Our French Piebald, Sascha, compares the setting favorable to her summer visits to the South of France. A local California dude (and brother), Roo, stated, "Nothing beats a day at the beach with so many fine Dachshund babes to watch". For me, it's a bit overwhelming because it's like looking in the mirror - I'm not the only Black/Tan/Dappled in existence! I tend to stay close to Mistress. My brother, Buddy, exhausts himself by making sure he greets EVERY human on the beach. Of course he moves a bit slower then he used to, but my bet is on him (maybe after a few strategic naps in between greets). A few years ago, Roo followed a cute babe around and ended up sitting on someone elses blanket! It's a good thing he had a tag on so he could find his way back to us (minus the babe, *sigh*). It's OK, we still have our favorite babe, Sascha.

The Event is on Sunday, July 15th, and there's a bit of preparation going on. In honor of Buddy's 17th B'Day, Mistress will bake 100 PupCakes to give out, the car's oil will be changed, and a picnic basket packed. Mistress is buying a new camera for lots of pictures, and we can't wait to see our old friends!

Later...Love & Licks,

Nathan, The Dachshund

by: Pet Pawties In A Box


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