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Thursday, November 21, 2013
Woofie, My Friends!

We've been gone away from "blogging" for a long while...let's see, Spring came and went, Summer came and went, we're smack dab in the middle of Fall - Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is around the corner. Phew! So much has happened, some very good, and some very sad...

Mistress and Master are still grieving over the sudden loss of my sister, Sascha in June. She had been sick since mid-May with pancreatitis. By the first of June, she seemed to be getting better, but days before she died, got worse. Mistress kept her close all the time, was at the Vet often, but her illness overcame her. Oh how we all cried - especially Buddy, who had a deep love for her.

In July it was birthday time for both Mistress and Buddy and we celebrated it on the beach in Carmel, California! Buddy turned 18, and Mistress turned *cough* - well, we don't really know how old Mistress is! It seems you don't talk about the increasing years of humans (with joy) like the increasing years of pets are...our advancing years are celebrated with a great deal of celebration! Buddy turning 18 was such a joyous celebration we did it twice! He even had two different birthday cakes! After we got home, Mistress
Buddy's Birthday Hat
Buddy and Nathan

discovered there wasn't ONE picture of Buddy in his hat, or with his Birthday Cake! This is why Buddy ended up having TWO pawties! We didn't mind, we LOVE the cake Mistress bakes. You can bake it too - it's a free recipe on our site. You find Doggy Cake To Die For! on our site (check out other items too)!
We celebrated in style in July with Buddy, but he had begun whispering to all of us this would be his last Birthday. We ignored him at first, but by August we understood what he was asking. Buddy was losing most of his mobility. Our Vet said he was in good health, but from his waist down he was showing weakness. Buddy had a tumor on his spine, so it was time to say goodbye. We all mourned this great loss of our very sweet companion. Buddy taught us many lessons in love, and will be in our memories forever.

So, my friends, it's been hard to put all this down in words, but now you understand why we've stayed away; but so happy to be back!

Love and Licks,

Nathan, The Dachshund

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