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Saturday, April 6, 2013
We're So Sorry we've been away for so long...Firstly there was the beautiful and romantic Wedding Reception; then there was the honeymoon, and lastly all the holidays!

My Mistress is so happy to be up about and almost 100% since her hip surgery and recovery from that and the subsequent back issues, and she has put together plans for a NEW and IMPROVED store/site!

We're soooo excited, and we want you to be too! Pet Pawties In A Box is re-opening BIGGER and FULLER with expanded store sections - specifically in the pet-themed baking and decorating areas - with 100's of NEW ITEMS! I've been howling with joy (and been told to quiet down on a number of occasions)!

Mistress has been working on the store/site since January -  planning, ordering new products, and programming for our store/site's GRAND OPENING in a week!
Stay tuned! It's happening soon!
Love and Licks,
Nathan, The Dachshund´╗┐

by: Pet Pawties In A Box


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