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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Woofie and Licks!

It's been a long time. Let's see, Christmas passed, Winter passed, and not a bark or whimper from me. Now, it's just Spring and it's time to "spring" into action (sorry, I couldn't help it)! You see, my Mistress has been very sick since I last posted, and life here at Pet Pawties hasn't been our usual ways. I carried on as best as I could as Creative Director, but my muse and inspiration just wasn't herself.

She was in the hospital the week before Christmas where they found out she needed surgery, but she wasn't strong enough to go through it. We waited until March 7th (another week in the hospital), but such luck! My Mistress is back! It was a serious illness, a serious surgery, but you'd never know it because she has such a bounce to her step - a bounce Roo Roo and I haven't see for quite awhile! We're so happy I can't stop cuddling her and guess what? I'm eating better, sleeping better, and put on a pound or two - I love her sooo much!

My inspiration!

We're working on Easter. Yes, Yes, we know it's a bit late, but look for our newest listings that will be in our store by April 1st. You'll be creating the cutest and most original treats for your barking friends - and humans too!

We're having fun now!

Love, Cuddles, and Licks!

Nathan, The Dachshund

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