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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Woofie!, My Friends...

Yip! I'm still recovering from my day-in-the-sun at Carmel. We had sooooo much fun! I usually stay very close to Mistress, but I did my rounds and even sat awhile with friends before checking back where Mistress was sitting with her cousins. Roo met up with old friends and camped there. (I think it was because of the endless treats), and Buddy and Sascha approached every person on the beach with a greeting! *Phew*, so much food around to twirl and beg for! The Herald was there talking to all the humans and taking pictures of all the cute babes (hmmmm, I wonder if I can get copies of those photos?) for their annual article. Mistress was so happy to meet up with all her many friends from all over California. There was talk of us staying the weekend next year - I hope we do!

Mistress made a lot of Pup-Treats (mini-pupcakes) with her doggie cake recipe and decorated them with mini doggie faces - they were quite a hit! We sang Happy Birthday to Buddy, and I howled in chorus and twirled (of course).
Mini Pup-Cakes!

Many people and many Dachshund-Babes to watch!

The WEINERMOBILE was there and we all got a mini-weinermobile whistle. Master Louis and I were the first ones to have our picture taken:

LQQK at how tiny we look! The Oscar Mayer WeinerMobile is HUGE!

My beloved Mistress is NEVER in our pictures because she's always behind the camera. Here's our last photo of the day of Master and my family. I thought Sascha was the cutest babe on the beach! She wore a pink and white corset, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of her! She later took it off, but Mistress caught us sharing a smooch; it's OK to kiss her, we're not related by blood!

Left to right: Roo, Sascha, Me (Nathan), and Birthday Boy, Buddy

*Yawn* - Naptime,
Nathan, The Dachshund

by: Pet Pawties In A Box


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